We can provide appraisals for most any use. Many homeowners rely upon us for providing an opinion of value for selling purposes. We can provide an overview of the market conditions that you'll be selling in. This is especially important if you are selling without a broker and want reliable pricing and marketability data.

Our firm specializes in appraisals for litigation work. Our 25+ years of experience in this area really helps, as we're extremely competent in defending our work. If you have a need for an appraisal for any sort of lawsuit, including divorce purposes, then please call us prior to ordering elsewhere. I think you will find our information to be very useful prior to deciding on what type of appraisal you'll need along with the type of appraiser.

We also specialize in relocation appraisals, and our senior appraiser Patrick Butler is a Certified Relocation Appraiser, one of six in the state of Illinois. This prestigious designation that is conferred by the Employee Relocation Council provides evidence of a high level of relocation knowledge.

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Types of Appraisals